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The philosophy of the Forest Lake Rangers Football program is to provide a positive high school football experience to all of our athletes, while creating an energetic environment that educates players on the game, lessons of life, and prepares student athletes for post-graduation success. We focus on building a successful team culture through relationship building, recruitment and retention of student-athletes, campus engagement, community involvement, and the overall wellbeing of the program in alignment with the mission of the school as a whole. As Rangers, we strive to be high character people both on and off the field. On the field we will play the game the right way as we look to create a tough, physical and exciting brand of football focusing on the technique and details that it takes to execute at a high level in order to be a successful complimentary football team, where all three phases work in unison towards our common goals.



Our football team is driven by a culture of relationship building in which we seek to become better individuals on a daily basis who focus on earning the respect and gaining the trust of our peers both on the field, in the community, and in our daily lives. Through mentor/mentee programs, player/coach relationships, leadership training and more, we expect to succeed because of the effort we put into our relationships with others.



Our football team will always be focusing on the goals that are set for our program. While we look to achieve all of our goals, it is of the utmost importance that we always preach PROCESS oriented goals, rather than RESULT oriented goals. We will focus particularly on the process that it takes in order to reach our desired outcomes both on and off the field.

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The program motto of the Forest Lake Rangers football program is WORK. No matter the circumstances that exist in our lives, we will always focus on our controllable situations and how hard we work in everything that we do. Whether it is on the field, in the classroom, in the weight room, in our home life, or in our relationships, we focus on putting in the work needed to be who we are meant to be on a daily basis. By focusing on the work, we know we will build a culture that we are proud of where we strive to be at our best as we look to improve in all aspects of our lives one day at a time. At the end of the day, in Forest Lake all we do is WORK.

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June 2022

We have reached the end of the school year and our boys are chomping at the bit to get out on the field for the first time together with our staff! We have successfully completed our spring sports seasons and have seen many tremendous achievements out of our multi sport athletes on the diamond, field, court, and track this spring. This June will consist of 5 practices on the field together, including a joint practice with Blaine, multiple 7 on 7’s and on field work. We are really looking forward to starting up our lifting program, Ranger Power, with a focus on prepping our team for the upcoming football season as we look to get bigger, faster and stronger for on field success! We are also excited to put in some off the field work doing community service at Lilleskogen Park and Wyoming Hallberg Center for the Arts. Our leadership council has met 7 times, and we have voted on our first set of captains, which will be announced this month. Equipment has been checked out, preparations have been made and it is now time to get to work! Our Ranger Football Family continues to grow by the day, and we hope to see many more student athletes and their families join our program! Looking forward to getting on the field and in the weight room with our guys this summer as we prep for the season.


Go Rangers!


May 2022

Welcome to May! We have one month left until the end of the school year and our guys are off to a great start to their spring seasons. We have participants in every spring sport as well as many guys working on their athleticism in the weight room. Best of luck to all of our guys finishing up their spring seasons, we look forward to watching many state appearances as we wrap things up. We then will head into our prep phase this summer where we prep for football season with our Ranger Power training program, 11 practices together on the field, joint practices with neighboring schools Blaine and Andover, 7 on 7’s with St. Francis, Cambridge-Isanti, Mora, Park Cottage Grove, Woodbury, Prescott (WI), Coon Rapids and Rochester John Marshall, and a trip up to Bemidji State for their team camp! It is an exciting time for our program and we are so excited to put in the work to reach out goals this fall.


Upcoming events we will be hosting this month include our senior parent recruiting informational session in which we will help the 2023 class with tips and tricks during the recruitment process as well as answering questions our parents and players need answered as they find their homes after high school. We have met with multiple colleges already, both at the high school and at the MFCA recruiting fair, in which over 20 colleges inquired about our student athletes! We will also be welcoming our incoming freshman, class of 2026, with our signing day event for them on May 23rd! Looking forward to adding 40+ athletes to the Ranger family.


Check back in June for summer updates leading up to the season!

Go Rangers!


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